Life’s a Beach

Today I was able to spend the day at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.  There was overcast for most of the day so I didn’t have the best conditions to shoot in, but I thought it would be a good excuse to dust off my DSLR and take some shots outside of the kitchen.  


I noticed about halfway through taking shots of seagulls and waves just how important it is to keep an eye on things like exposure and aperture.  A good dozen of my pictures ended up being  completely washed out. Luckily I noticed it in time to still be able to get some good shots on the beach. Here are some highlights from the day.


A curious seagull coming up to check me out.  I’m still not sure if he was interested in the camera, or just thought I would have some food for him.


I had lunch at Markey’s lobster pool in Seabrook. The scallops here are always fresh and delicious. The back deck here has a good view of the salt marches that flood when the beach is at high tide.


Here is a  striped bass feeding on what was left of the bread from my scallop roll. They like to swim inland to scavenge for human food. Apparently they really have a thing for fried seafood.


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