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This is it!

Greetings fellow class members of August ’15!  Im really exited to meet with you and to see your sites. Im sure we have a lot to learn from one another.

I ran a blog last year on but eventually let it fizzle out due to having a busy work and personal life.  After a year of dormancy I returned to give it a good kick back to life. Then I thought to myself “Why not make a clean start and go self-hosted?” After looking at other sites I noticed that there is a lot more flexibility in the design and layout if you go self-hosted.  What really made my decision to switch was the recipe plugins. For a blog about food and recipes I thought this would be very important!

Who am I and why am I here?

I am a young aspiring chef in the American North-East who constantly has food on the mind.  Even in my spare time I like to think about food, weather it be new dish ideas, magazine articles, or other foody blogs. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

The “highland” part of my address refers to the highlands of Scotland where my family is originally from.  I grew up as part of the third generation growing up on this side of the pond with Scottish culture still running strong in the family.  Bagpipes and kilts were a big part of growing up.

I am here for several reasons.  Firstly I would like to meet with new people with similar (or different) ideas. Secondly I need to get into a blogging habit. I would like to get to where blogging becomes a routine. Lastly I want to work out some of the kinks on my site.  There is always room for improvement so I will take all the help I can get.

I want this blog to be a place for food pictures and recipes that I am working on with a pinch of other food related posts. I think that blogging publicly is best for me  because food is meant to be shared with others.  I would like to connect mostly with other cooks, food lovers or photographers.  I think that covers just about everybody.

In a year if everything goes well I hope to be posting new recipes and pictures twice weekly with  other food related articles mixed in occasionally.  If things go really well I would like to branch into monthly cooking videos or trading guest posts on other blogs.  The sky is the limit.


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  1. Howdy! I found you on Blogging 101 – I love blogging about and following blogs about food! I had the opportunity to go to Edinburgh about 11 years ago and absolutely loved it. I hope to go back someday. I can’t wait to see how your blog progresses through this course!

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