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Today I am working on creating a tagline for TheHighlandChef. I have been putting this off mostly because I don’t like the way text looks over my current header image.  Eventually I want to make a Header image with my title and tagline as part of the picture so that I can have more control over how my site looks.  For right now I am just brainstorming ideas to get to that next level.

Below are some keywords that I would like to include in my tagline. I have also done my best to make a few sample tag-lines based around them.  Feel free to take the poll below to help me pick one out or if you can think of something better let me know in the comments!


Free Write:

Cooking, Scotland, Recipes, Food, Pictures, Farm-to-Table, Kilts, Highlands, Fresh, Photography, Blogging.


  1. Cooking with Kilts in the Kitchen
  2. Cooking Scottish in America
  3. My Scottish Food-Blogging Adventure
  4. Skye High Apple Pie
  5. Fresh Food From Across the Pond

What should my new tagline be?

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