Pork Chop

Cider Brined Pork Chop

My first YouTube Video For this post I wanted to try something new so I decided to make a cooking video to go along with the post. If you would like to see more videos like this be sure to give the video a thumbs up. I hope that you enjoy it!

Bowl of chili with red onion and cheddar cheese

Home-Style Beef and Bean Chili

This simple one pan chili is the perfect thing to bring to your next neighborhood cookout.   I hope that everyone had a wonderful fourth of July this week and had more than their fill of food, friends and fireworks.  This chili is one of my favorite dishes to make during the summer and is way better than anything that …

Scrumptious Shrimp Scampi

This shrimp scampi is a perfect dish to have on a hot summer day.  It is light, refreshing and is full of fresh summer flavor and only uses a few ingredients.   The rich and velvety sauce will leave you feeling full but not weighed down.  If shrimp are not your thing than grilled chicken is also a delicious substitution. …

Fourth of July Burger

I can’t believe that it is nearly the fourth of July, the time of year for barbecues, fireworks and celebrations.  This burger is juicy and full of flavor.  It is the perfect thing to have at a neighborhood get together or during the big parade. I have mine with thick cut bacon, crispy onion strings, and smoked Gouda cheese.  When …

Zesty Summer Gazpacho

A cool and refreshing tomato and cucumber soup with jalapeno peppers and spices. topped with fresh lime zest.  Perfect for a refreshing snack on a hot summer day.

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

Breaking into Breakfast Pancakes are one of the most important things to learn for breakfast.  They can be customized and adapted to nearly any ingredient that you just happen to have on hand.  Whether it be fresh berries, chocolate chips, nuts or bananas.  Today pancakes are being added as my first post on breakfast dishes.

Chicken Alla Vodka

Chicken Alla Vodka combines the tanginess of a marinara with the creaminess of an alfredo.  Add a little vodka for good measure and what is there not to love?  This dish is delicious and easy to make.  It has been a favorite of mine for years and is one of the first things that I look for on an Italian restaurant’s …

Foolproof Chicken Noodle Soup for Winter

This classic soup is easy to make and is the perfect thing to warm up with after a day out in the snow.  With only a few simple tricks you can take this simple soup from boring to delicious. You would be amazed at how much of a difference these will make.

Cabernet Sauvingnon

American Wine Labels When selecting an American wine you will notice it is labeled with the three V’s.  These are Varietal, Vintner (or winery) and Vintage.  As we saw earlier each varietal of grape has a vastly different character.  This also holds true for a wine’s vintner and vintage.  Each vintner has its own preferences for what makes a wine good and will leave …