Titles Topics and Tag-lines

Today I am working on creating a tagline for TheHighlandChef. I have been putting this off mostly because I don’t like the way text looks over my current header image.  Eventually I want to make a Header image with my title and tagline as part of the picture so that I can have more control over how my site looks.  For right now I am just brainstorming ideas to get to that next level.

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New Horizons

This is it!

Greetings fellow class members of August ’15!  Im really exited to meet with you and to see your sites. Im sure we have a lot to learn from one another.

I ran a blog last year on wordpress.com but eventually let it fizzle out due to having a busy work and personal life.  After a year of dormancy I returned to give it a good kick back to life. Then I thought to myself “Why not make a clean start and go self-hosted?” After looking at other sites I noticed that there is a lot more flexibility in the design and layout if you go self-hosted.  What really made my decision to switch was the recipe plugins. For a blog about food and recipes I thought this would be very important!

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